To Honor the Dead

To Storm the Dragon's Lair

The party determined that Malfastus Tower was on an island that had become the lair of a dragon named Only One Eye Waking. They chartered the fishing boat “Smells Like Tuna” with Captain Hymee and headed there. The Trawler was sunk by the party in an attempt to evade a goblin pirate ship. They were able to swim ashore where they then started to massacre the goblins already on the island in an attempt to save the captured Hymee. After the daring rescue they headed towards the dragon’s lair and the book finding an ally on the way. A wildling named Seamus. Seamus was knowlegable about the island and, for a promise of ridding the island of the goblins, agreed to be their guide. THey made their way to the Sorceror’s tower but were not quick enough to take out the squad gathered there before they alerted the rest of the goblin crew. They entered the lair in hopes of completing their quest…. 1 advance



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